Welcome to my New Book Blog

The world is on lockdown and I have all the books to read, so I thought it’s time to start a reading blog! I’m moving away from booktube and hoping to focus more time on writing book reviews and general blogs.

So I’ve dabbled a little bit in blogs in the past, journalled here and there, but never had my own dedicated website. I’m mega excited to start posting, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the posts that you find here.

What kind of books do I like?

  • Young Adult – Fantasy, Dystopia, Urban Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror, Historical
  • Adult – Fantasy, Sci Fi, Historical, Magical Realism, Urban Fantasy (stuff with vampires).

What book am I reading at the moment?

Insurgence by Veronica Roth. It’s the sequel to Divergent, Young Adult Dystopian.

I’m learning so much about the book world – instagram, twitter, booktube, book blogs. Who knew the book community was so big?

If you’re on one of the above mediums, let me know in a comments below. I’m always looking for new stuff to read and watch, and new people to follow.

Book bloggers – do come say hi!

Author: Jen (Jen of Books)

I'm a UK book blogger - occasional booktuber. I like to read YA fiction, dabble in photography and creative writing, and explore the world. I also like the odd cup of coffee.

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  1. Dear Jen, welcome to the blogosphere ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s always a pleasure to meet a new blogger, feel free to discover my blog too ๐Ÿ™‚ greetings from Lisbon, Portugal ๐Ÿ™‚ PedroL

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